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Why UFunds?

UFunds ETFs is the world’s only ETF provider that is 100% not-for-profit. We are entirely owned by UFunds Foundation, which is responsible for distributing income.

UFunds offers two categories of ETF

UFunds Core


Core ETFs: the cheapest way to hold shares

UFunds is a global ETF provider, offering popular core benchmark ETFs at the lowest prices.

Our ETFs are all physically held, UCITS compliant and offer the same liquidity as our major competitors.

Our annual fees are just a fraction of those of managed funds offering benchmark exposure. There are many competing ETF providers out there, but UFunds is unique in that all profits are paid directly to UFunds Foundation for distribution to good causes.

FTSE 100

Tracks the performance of the 100 largest companies in the UK by market capitalisation. The index is weighted by free-float adjusted market capitalisation.

S&P 500

Tracks the performance of the 500 largest companies in the US by market capitalisation. The index is weighted by market capitalisation and free float.

Euro Stoxx 50

The 50 largest companies in the Eurozone by market capitalisation.


Physical gold ETF backed by bullion. Each bar is segregated and allocated to our custodian

Core ETFs: How do they work?

We are not asking you to dontate time or money.

We are also not asking you to alter your investment decisions in any way. We are not offering an alternative, ethical fund composition, which could impact your returns.

We simply ask that if you hold ETFs or passive funds, or wish to do so, you consider buying or switching to UFunds products first.

Our ETFs, like those of our competitors, make money by charging a percentage administration fee annually. These charges are amongst the lowest available of any investment vehicle in the market. The difference between UFunds and our competitors is that our charge, net of running costs (which will soon be displayed in their entirety on our website) goes to the UFunds Foundation. By holding UFunds products, you immediately become a contributor. Invite others to do the same and you are effectively fundraising for us!

Core ETFs: Tell us where your money should go..

We understand that people respond to different causes, so we have added share classes to every ETF, each one representing a separate cause. These are currently: education, environment, health, humanitarian and international. When you invest, you buy the share class or classes that most closely match your interests. Within these categories, we are working hard to find organisations that are on the front line, so we can be confident our contributions are making a difference. If you wish to nominate a charity that we don’t mention, get in touch! If you wish to add or modify the sector list, that’s possible too…send us your rationale!

UFunds ESG


ESG ETFs: the ethical way to hold shares

UFunds ESG funds are designed to allow charity portfolio managers, corporates with ESG requirements and other investors to access ESG aligned funds far more cheaply than existing, managed solutions.

Currently, charitable foundation portfolios are run by fund managers that operate a somewhat active methodology, and charge accordingly.

Many, if not all investment needs can be serviced via programmatic funds (i.e. ETFs). If the investment need can be expressed, it can be automated, and provided at very low cost.

Our ETFs are all physically held, UCITS compliant and offer the same liquidity as our major competitors.

Our annual fees will be a fraction of that paid to traditional charitable asset managers. There are competing ETF providers in the market, but UFunds is unique in that all profits are paid directly to UFunds Foundation for distribution to good causes.

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